Basic Policy

MRO Japan employees shall comply with national and local laws and regulations as well as internal rules such as MRO Japan’s “Employment Regulations” and ”Social Responsibility Guidelines” when using social media.

Understanding and Preparing for Social Media Participation

MRO Japan Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “this Company”) understands that social media is widely available to the public, accessible to an unspecified number of users, and that once information is transmitted, it cannot be completely deleteed. This Company shall participate in a responsible manner as a person of common sense.

To our social media users

Information sent out on social media by MRO Japan employees who operate official accounts does not necessarily represent the official announcements or views of this Company. Please be aware of this in advance.
For official announcements, this Company makes such announcements on its website and in news releases.
Information on social media is current at the time of transmission and is subject to change.

Replies and Responses to Inquiries

This Company does not reply to all comments or DMs (direct messages)
For inquiries or comments regarding this Company, please use its website.

Cautions / Prohibitions


  • This Company shall not be responsible for comments posted by users.
  • This Company shall not be responsible for any damages incurred by users or third parties due to problems between users or between users and third parties in connection with its social media.
  • This Company shall not be responsible for any damage or trouble incurred by users or third parties as a result of matters related to its social media.
  • This Company reserves the right to change this social medeia policy at any time without prior notice.

【Prohibited Actions.】

  • Any act that causes damage to this Company, othe users, or any other third party.
  • Falsifying information proveided through this Comapny’s social media.
  • Any commercial activities related to this Company’s social accounts without its consent.
  • Infringement on the copyrights or other intellectual property rights of this Company, other users, or other third parties.
  • Any act that defames or slanders this Company, other Users, or other third parties, or that damages the honor or credibility of this Company, other Users, or other third parties.
  • Actions that are offensive to public policy, or actions that provide information that is offensive to public policy.
  • Campaigning, religious activities, or similar activities
  • Interfering with the operation of this Company’s social media
  • Any other actions that this Company deems inappropriate.

Established and enforced on July 27th, 2022