Addressing Global Environmental and Development Issues

  • ・Installing solar power generation system
  • ・Effective use of rainwater
  • ・Taking actions to reduce food waste in the cafeteria
  • ・Switching to hybrid vehicles
  • ・Promoting paperless office environments
  • ・Introducing "Social Good" coffee in the office
  • ・Participation in and support for local environmental initiatives

For Long-Term,
Fulfilling Workplace Environments

  • ・Education and learning support for professional qualifications, such as first class aircraft lisenced enginners
  • ・Promoting working style reform through active use of flex time and working from home
  • ・Providing and building support for maternity leave, childcare leave, and nursing care leave
  • ・Providing a support system for personal development

Promoting Learning Opportunities About Flight

Connecting to local communities by hosting hangar tours and aviation classes to develop interest and knowledge regarding aircraft and aviation maintenance

As a Core Part of the Okinawa Aviation Industry Cluster

Business development that contributes to local industrial development as a core company in the aviation industry cluster — a new concept that Okinawa Prefecture is pursuing