Special Painting of ANA’s “HELLO 2020 JET” Completed

We have completed special painting of ANA’s “HELLO 2020 JET” for Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
ANA’s “HELLO 2020 JET” (Selecting Design ~ Painting ~ Going into Service)

news_20180206_1.jpgCompleted ANA Boeing 777-200 (JA741A)
news_20180206_2.jpgDesign based on the work selected from 786 applications submitted to ANA
news_20180206_3.jpgSufficient Expression of complicated design such as Japan’s nature and architecture, and silhouette of athletes
news_20180206_4.jpgThe “HELLO 2020 JET” will be in service for ANA’s various domestic flights until the end of Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
news_20180206_5.jpgWork process from ANA’s regular painting to the special painting
news_20180206_6.jpgAll painting was performed by MRO Japan’s personnel.