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Since the business of aircraft maintenance (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO)) requires high initial investment costs and business operating costs, such as securing a vast land adjacent to an airport, building a hangar, and introducing ancillary facilities, it can be difficult to start a new MRO business in Japan.

In spite of their advanced technical knowledge and skills, airlines have been forced to outsource the heavy maintenance to low-cost overseas MRO companies to reduce the costs for maintenance, although it needs the high cost of air transportation and development of human resources for overseas MRO (outflow of their technical knowledge and skills). As dependence on overseas MRO will be increasing, the domestic technology of the heavy maintenance may become hollowed out.

We started the MRO business in Okinawa (Naha Airport) in January 2019. We are confident that we can maximize our performance in Okinawa, which is a vibrant location to compete with overseas MRO companies because of the following reasons: the investment cost can be reduced by one of Okinawa government’s measures to attract enterprises, and the costs of air transportation can be reduced because various airlines are in service in Okinawa.

We will offer high-quality and cost competitive MRO services by taking advantage of the location to contribute the development of the aviation industry and the community.